Harness the Power of AI in Your Workflows with GetCharlie’s ChatGPT Workflow Integration

Today, we are thrilled to announce a significant upgrade to our software that’s set to revolutionize the way you interact with your workflows. Introducing ChatGPT Workflow Integration, a new feature in our Workflow AI suite powered by OpenAI’s ChatGPT.

From generating responses to customer messages to dynamic email content creation, intent recognition, and language translation, you can now use this powerful AI right within your workflows.

Accessing Workflow AI

To get started with Workflow AI, please contact your account support or administrator. Once enabled, this feature cannot be disabled. However, you can choose to stop using it at any point.


Workflow AI adopts a usage-based pricing model, with each action execution incurring a charge. But to get you started, the first 100 executions are absolutely FREE!

Setting Up ChatGPT

After you’ve got Workflow AI enabled on your account, you can set up ChatGPT using the following parameters:

Prompt: This is what you’ll be asking ChatGPT to generate completions for. You can start by using the example prompts loaded into the system and then customize to your needs.

Temperature: Set a temperature between 0 and 1. A higher temperature (like 0.8) will make the output more random, while a lower value (like 0.2) will make it more deterministic.

Sample Prompts

Here are some ways you can utilize ChatGPT in your workflows:

Generate Response: Generate an email response to a customer message, utilizing dynamic prompts like customer name and message body.

Generate Email/SMS content: ChatGPT can generate dynamic promotional content based on the recipient and sender.

Check Intent: Use ChatGPT to gauge whether a customer’s message has a positive or negative intent.

Translate: Automatically translate your default content into a customer’s language.

Using ChatGPT in Triggers and Actions

The ChatGPT Workflow Integration is versatile and can be used with several triggers and actions. For instance, it can be triggered when a customer replies or through an inbound webhook.

Use it in forms or membership signups to generate custom messages based on specific field inputs. It can also be used in “if/else” conditions to run different scenarios based on ChatGPT response data or custom field conditions.

Want to send ChatGPT responses to slack, email, or Google Sheets? Or maybe update notes and custom fields? All of this is possible with the ChatGPT Workflow Integration.

GetCharlie’s ChatGPT Workflow Integration is an exciting tool, opening the doors to more sophisticated, personalized, and effective workflows. Harness the power of AI and let’s create efficient workflows together!

Leveraging GetCharlie’s ChatGPT Workflow Integration in Restaurants, Law Firms, and Home Service Industries

At GetCharlie, we are excited to unveil our latest software update: the ChatGPT Workflow Integration. This new feature, powered by OpenAI’s ChatGPT, enables you to weave the magic of AI into your workflows, regardless of your industry. Today, we’ll explore how restaurants, law firms, and home service industries can use this powerful tool to streamline their operations and provide top-tier service to their clients.

ChatGPT Workflow Integration for Restaurants

Restaurants can leverage ChatGPT to personalize customer communication. Let’s say a customer makes an online reservation, and you want to confirm the booking. The following sample prompt can help generate an AI-powered response:

Prompt: “Hello {{contact.name}}, this is {{user.name}} from {{user.restaurant}}. Can you confirm your reservation for {{contact.reservation_date}}?”

And voila, ChatGPT crafts a personalized, professional message!

Moreover, ChatGPT can help manage customer feedback. Let’s say a customer left a review; the system can automatically analyze the intent. If it’s positive, you might want to thank the customer. If it’s negative, you could extend an offer to make things right.

ChatGPT Workflow Integration for Law Firms

Law firms deal with large volumes of emails daily. By integrating ChatGPT in their workflows, firms can automate responses to common queries, like asking for case updates.

Prompt: “Hello {{contact.name}}, your case {{contact.case_number}} is currently at this stage: {{contact.case_status}}. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.”

ChatGPT can also assist in identifying the urgency of a client’s message and categorize them accordingly, streamlining the task prioritization process for the firm.

ChatGPT Workflow Integration for Home Service Industries

In the home services industry, prompt and clear communication is key. ChatGPT can help manage the influx of service requests, automate responses, and even schedule appointments.

Prompt: “Dear {{contact.name}}, we have received your request for a {{contact.service_type}} service. Can we schedule this for {{contact.preferred_date}}?”

Moreover, ChatGPT can help translate content into the customer’s preferred language, breaking down language barriers and improving service delivery.

Getting Started

To access Workflow AI, contact your account support or administrator. Once enabled, the first 100 executions are free! And remember, you can adjust the randomness of the output (the ‘temperature’) to suit your needs.


The integration of ChatGPT into GetCharlie’s Workflow AI is set to revolutionize how businesses interact with their customers. From personalizing interactions to providing real-time updates and even breaking down language barriers, there’s no limit to what you can achieve with this powerful tool. It’s time to embrace the future of workflows!